Session passes

Session passes are a great way to encourage more repeat users. Users will prepay to purchase a certain number of session credits (usually at a discounted price), which can then be used to deduct payments in future bookings.

This guide will cover:

Set up session passes

You can create new passes in the Admin/ Passes tab.

Pass credit usage: this controls whether this pass applies to all activities you have created or only selected activities. Each activity can only have a maximum of 1 pass assigned to it. Please note that if you select 'All activities', you will no longer be able to create new passes until it is deleted. If you'd like to have multiple purchase options for the same activity (e.g., 5 sessions for £100, 10 sessions for £180), please utilise the 'Purchase options' to create different pricing options for different numbers of credits.

Allowed payment methods: this controls what payment methods are allowed for users to purchase this pass. Passes purchased using offline payment methods can be used immediately against new bookings. Therefore you may wish to restrict the allowed payment methods to be credit/debit cards only, so that pass payments are confirmed instantly.

Enabled: this controls whether new pass purchases can be made by users.

Purchase options: You can then create purchase options available for this pass. For each option, you need to specify how many credits are given, at what price, and the expiry date (leave empty if no expiry date).

Purchase and apply session passes

Users can purchase session passes in the 'My account' area after they log in.

For any activities with eligible passes to use, users will see a note above the ticket options indicating which pass can be used.

In the checkout process, if the user has any session passes available, they will automatically be applied with the maximum number available to use. If there are multiple passes, the one expiring the first will be applied first. If users don't want to use any or all of the pass credits, they can click on 'Edit' to choose the number of passes they wish to apply for this booking.

Please note:

  • Add-on prices will not be deducted when using pass credits. Users will still be required to pay for any add-ons they add.
  • If passes are used in a booking, any multi-session or multi-attendee discount rules will not be applied for the activities related to such passes. However, discount rules will apply to activities that don't have any pass credits applied.

Manage bookings with session passes

Cancellation and refund options remain largely the same as normal. For more details on how to cancel and refund a booking, please visit this article.

Specific to session passes is the option to adjust pass credits applied to any bookings. For example, a customer may have placed a booking for two sessions with two pass credits applied, but has changed their mind to use only one pass and pay for the other. You can use the 'Adjust pass credits applied' button to make such changes.

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