Manage bookings, Cancel line items, Issue Refunds

This guide will cover:

Booking status

Find and edit a booking

Cancel line items and issue refunds

Understand different booking status

There are four booking statuses, reflecting the stage of the booking.

  • Pending: When a user logs in and adds activities to the cart, a Pending booking will be created.
  • Completed: After completing the booking, the status of the Pending booking will be updated to be Completed.
  • Abandoned: If a Pending booking is not completed after thirty minutes, it will be marked as Abandoned. However, if the user logs back in within seven days, this pending order will be automatically retrieved (if items are still available). No payments would be taken if a booking is Abandoned.
  • Cancelled: When all the lineitems in a booking are cancelled, the booking will be marked as Cancelled.

Find and edit a booking

Bookings are ordered by booking number. You can also easily find the booking by using the filter panel, for example by searching for a user name. Click on a particular booking to view details and edit the booking.

Click on any booking to display all the details and edit.

  • Confirm offline payment: Orders paid online will have associated payment details in the Payment section. If a user chooses an offline payment method (e.g., cash), a pending payment line will be added to that order. To confirm this payment as received, click on the pending payment, and click Confirm.
  • Balance your book: As a good practice, you should always try to balance the book (i.e. make the balance of an order 0). Orders paid with credit/debit cards, orders that are fully refunded, or orders with cash payments confirmed, are automatically balanced. In the case of a partial refund due to charging an admin fee, you can add an admin fee. You can only add a fee when there is a negative balance.

Cancel and refund

Cancel line item(s): Click on the empty part of the line item row to select it. Repeat this if you have multiple line items you wish to cancel. Then click on the 'Cancel' button and a dialogue box will pop up to ask for confirmation. If you select all the line items in a booking, the entire booking will be marked as cancelled. Please note that any cancellation action is irreversible.

Send cancellation email: Click on "Send confirmation" to send a cancellation email to the user. The email will highlight what has been canceled in the last 60 minutes, along with any line items that are still booked.

Cancel or edit add-ons: If the booking/ activity includes add-ons, you can edit add-ons by selecting the line item and clicking the 'Edit' button. A dialogue box will pop up where you can select or de-select the add-ons.

Refund card payment: For bookings paid with credit/debit cards, you can issue a refund to the card of payment. By default, the amount will equal the price of the line item(s) being refunded, but you can also adjust the amount to reflect the terms of your cancellation policy, for example, if you charge a cancellation fee. Users will be notified with an automated email for the cancellation and refund. Please note that similar to cancelling a line item, the refund action is also irreversible.

Alternatively, as long as the balance is negative (i.e. you owe the user some money), you can click on Add Stripe refund to issue a manual refund.

Refund cash payment: For orders paid with cash, you can simply click on the cash payment line, and select Delete.

Issue account credit: For Premium plan users, you also have the option to issue account credits to users.

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