Receiving credit card payout from Stripe

Stripe will automatically pay out any payment you collect from your users. You can control your Stripe payout by logging into your Stripe account.

Payout schedule determines how often your Stripe balance gets paid out to your bank account that you provided during setup. The default is daily, which is helpful for small businesses' cash flows. However, if your bank, especially some new digital-only business bank accounts, charges a fixed fee on each pay-in instance, you may want to change it to be less frequent.

To change the payout frequency, log in to your Stripe dashboard by visiting Stripe using the email address you registered with. If you have multiple accounts associated with the same email address, choose Pembee on the upper left corner of your profile, then click Balances on the left side menu bar (see picture below).

If you have created multiple Stripe Connect accounts with Pembee, you can check the exact account by going to Admin/ Payment-methods, and click on the Credit/Debit card option. You will find out which Stripe account is currently in use with Pembee, which begins with acct_ as shown below.

After finding the right account, click on Payout settings as shown below.

You will then be directed to the settings page, where you can change the bank account to receive payment into, or the frequency.

If you have more questions, please visit Stripe Payout guide.

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