Payment Methods

Pembee currently supports credit/debit card payment, offline payment (e.g., cash, BACS transfer), childcare voucher, and tax-free childcare.

Credit/debit card

We use Stripe as our payment processing service provider. To set up, click on the "credit/debit card" payment method and follow the instructions to either create a new Stripe account or connect an existing Stripe account. You may need to upload some ID documentation before Stripe can approve and open your account. For a step-by-step guide on how to connect to Stripe, please click on this link.

Offline payment

You can also choose to enable this for any offline payment method. This will allow users to book an activity with you without the need to pay by credit cards. You can include details of how users should pay in the Instructions area, such as your bank account. These instructions will be displayed when users place a booking and will also be included in the order confirmation email. The balance of such bookings will show a positive figure. The activity register will also include the outstanding balance for all bookings, so that you can remember to collect payment on the day.

Childcare Voucher/ Tax-free Childcare

For Standard and Premium plan users, Pembee also supports Childcare Voucher or Tax-Free Childcare. For more details on how to configure these payment methods, please click on this link.

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