Home page settings

Home page settings allow you to configure and tailor how your Pembee site presents to your customers.

This guide will cover

Listing display

You have two options to display your activity listing: Activities list or Sessions list.

Activities list: Each activity you created will be listed as one card. Your Pembee site will show a list of activities in date order. 

Sessions list: Every session of an activity will be listed separately, grouped by the date they take place on.


Filters can help users find the relevant activities faster. You can choose what filters are available to users by enabling the relevant activity fields. You can read this article for more details on how to create an activity field.

Enabled filters will show as a panel on the left side of your Pembee site for a desktop user, or as a button for a mobile phone user.


You can add tabs to the home page to display pre-filtered listings. Each tab will have its own URL that you can share with users separately.

Click on 'Add new tab' to configure a new tab.

Display name: the name that will be displayed to users. We suggest keeping it short to avoid overcrowding the home page.

Path: This is the unique URL for this tab which can be shared separately. It will be automatically populated for you using the Display name but you can change it.

Field: This is the activity field you will use to pre-filter for the tab. Once you select one field, you can then select from the available values. For example, the settings in the picture above means that a new tab 'Clubs or classes' will be created, which will include all activities with an activity type that is either Club Programmes or School Classes.

After clicking OK and Save, you will then see the changes to the front page (as shown in the screenshot below).

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