Payment and refund

What payment methods do you support?

We support both online and offline payments. For online payments, our payment service provider is Stripe and all major card types (including AMEX) are supported. You can also enable cash/ bank transfer/ offline payment function, or record details for tax-free childcare payment.

How long does it take to withdraw funds from Stripe?

This is all handled automatically through Stripe. You can choose the frequency you'd like to receive the payouts and the default payout schedule is daily. For more details, please read How to enable Stripe payment and control payouts.

How much is the credit card payment processing fee?

For UK cards, the payment processing fee is 1.99% + 20p. For Non-UK cards, the fee generally is 3.49% + 20p. We are a fast-growing business and hope to grow to a point where we can negotiate custom fee rates with Stripe. All of the savings we successfully negotiate will be 100% passed down to you. There is an extra 0.5% processing fee for Lite plan users. Please refer to our pricing page for details.
The payment processing fee includes the fee Stripe charges (1.40% + 20p for UK cards and 2.90% + 20p for Non-UK cards) and our platform charge.

Is there any charge for a refund?

If you need to refund a customer, the fee Stripe charges are not refundable (this is unfortunately a Stripe policy) but our platform charge will be fully refunded.
For the Stripe charges, you can either choose to absorb them or ask your customers to bear the cost of a refund (Please be sure to update your refund and cancellation policy so that your customers are not caught off-guard!)

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