Field Types

Pembee supports multiple field types in the field configuration to allow maximum flexibility for your business. This guide will walk through all the field types and when to best use which field. To understand the basics of how to create and configure the fields, please read the guide on Field configuration

Text and Textarea

This allows your customer to input free text. Textarea allows multiple lines/ paragraphs and simple formatting, and is more suitable for questions that require more detailed elaboration.

Select list

Select list allows users to choose one of the many options available. It will be displayed as a drop-down list.

Single checkbox

This can be viewed as a special case of Select list where there are only two simple check or uncheck options. It will be displayed as a checkbox.
Please note that if a single checkbox is a required field, users will have to check the box before they can proceed to the next step. Therefore this is most suitable in situations where you are asking for a consent, rather than collecting a Yes/ No answer. If you want to collect a Yes/ No answer, and require the question to be filled in, it is best to use the Select list described above and make that field Required.

Multiple checkbox

This allows users to select multiple options that apply to them. It will be displayed as a series of checkboxes.
Please note that if a multiple checkbox is a required field, users will have to check at least one of the boxes before they can proceed to the next step. If you are collecting information such as medical conditions, it is best to not make this a required field. Or alternatively you can add another option None of the above, but this is not recommended, as users can select multiple answers including None of the above, which might cause some data quality issues.

About Label and Help text: 

When you add a new field, you can make use of the Label and Help text to make the display more user friendly. Label is the name of the field that will be shown to the users. It will also be used as the column name in your admin area, such as registers. We suggest keeping it short and make use of the Help text field, which will be displayed to the users as additional context for this field. For example, if you want to collect photo consent from the user, you can create a field with the label 'photo consent', and add additional details in the Help text, such as 'By giving this consent, you authorise us to take photos during the event and to share the photos on our website or marketing materials.' 
This will be shown to the user as below:

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