Logos and images

You can upload logos for the booking site and cover images for each activity.


Your logo will be resized to fit to a set height (about half the height of the banner). The best format is a square or a horizontal logo. If a logo is a portrait image, it may not be shown clearly. You may also want to minimise any white space around the image, as the white space will be counted as part of the logo and therefore be shrunk proportionally to fit the height. If there is too much white space, you can edit your logo with any photo editor you have on your computer. The picture below provides an example of the ideal logo border.

Cover image

Cover image provides some extra colour to each activity page. We recommend a landscape image. If you don't have any high-quality images at hand, you can search for the type of images you like on some websites below for free.
(Make sure you filter the orientation to be horizontal so it only shows pictures in landscape mode!)

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