Can I customise the information/ forms I collect on my customers?

Yes, Pembee can be customised to collect any information you need, e.g., health questionnaire, parents' consent, privacy consent.

Can I ask my customers to fill in a healthcare questionnaire during the booking process?

Yes, Pembee allows you to customise to collect any information you need from your customers.

Does Pembee support one-off events and recurring activities?

Yes we support both one-off events and recurring activities. You can also easily clone activities in the past to save you time from creating a similar one in the future.

Does Pembee support courses that span multiple days/ weeks?

Yes. We support both course tickets and single tickets. For example, for a 5-day course, you can create a ticket that covers all five days, and another ticket that is only valid for one particular day. This allows you to offer services such as "trial tickets" to attract more customers.

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