Discount rules and discount codes

Pembee supports multiple options to configure discount rules and discount codes. Discount rules can be created in the Discount tab or when creating/ editing an activity. Discount rules or discount codes will only be applied to one single booking and cannot be applied across one user's multiple bookings.

This guide will cover:

Discount rules

Discount rules will be applied automatically at the payment stage during the checkout process.

There are two types of discount rules: Multi purchase rules and multi attendee rules. Each activity can have a maximum of one multi purchase and one multi attendee rule assigned to it. Note that the discount rules will only apply to activity tickets, and any add-ons will be excluded.

Multi purchase rule

Automatically applies a discount when the same attendee is booked into multiple sessions or activities.

(A) Multi purchase discount type: This sets how the discount is triggered - it can be based on the number of activities or the number of sessions booked. 

(B) Activities applied to: You can select the activities that this rule will apply to. When cloning an activity, the discount rules already applied will be cloned too.

(C) Sessions option (only applies if multi purchase discount type is set to Session): If the discount type is based on number of sessions, you have the option to specify whether the discount only applies to sessions from the same activity or can be from different activities. Note that an all-sessions ticket will count the actual number of sessions in that ticket and if conditions are met, the discount rules will be triggered. If you already have an all-sessions ticket at a discounted price, you should not set the discount rule for this activity or consider changing the all-sessions ticket to full price.


In the Conditions section, you can set multiple conditions to trigger the discount rule. Each condition requires you to specify Minimum sessions and Unit of Discount

The example below will give a 10% discount if the same attendee is booked into 2 sessions, and a 15% discount if booked into 3 or more sessions.

Multi attendee rule

Multi attendee rules will be applied to the booking value of each additional attendee in the booking. Multi attendee rules have a similar set of settings and have two discount unit types to choose from:

  • Amount on additional attendee: takes a fixed amount off the total price for each additional attendee, regardless of how many sessions each additional attendee has booked
  • Percentage on additional attendee: takes a percentage off for each additional attendee. The percentage discount will be applied to all additional attendees excluding the one with the highest total price.

For example, let’s assume a booking with three attendees, Sam at £50, Helen at £40, Tom at £20. The multiple attendee rule is 10% off each additional attendee. The total discount applied will therefore be £6 (£40*10%+£20*10%).

Discount code

Discount code will be applied when a user inputs a code at checkout. 

(A) Code: This is the customer-facing code that you will share with our customers to apply at checkout.

(B) Discount code usage: You can specify whether the discount will be applied to specific activities or to all activities.

(C) Unit: There are two unit types to choose from: Fixed amount takes a fixed amount off the total price when the condition is met. Percentage takes a percentage off the total price (including all ticket price and add-on price) when the condition is met.

(D) Date range: The discount code can only be applied when the booking is made in the specified date range.

(E) Redemption limit: Set the maximum times a discount code can be redeemed.

Sequence of applying discount rules and codes

If a booking has a multi purchase rule, a multi attendee rule and a discount code applied, the total amount of discount will be calculated in the following order: First, the multi purchase rule will be applied. Afterwards, the multi attendee discount will be applied to the total after deducting the multi purchase discount. Finally, the discount code will be applied to the total after deducting discounts from both discount rules.

For example: Let’s assume there is an activity with five sessions, each priced at £10. This activity also has a multip purchase discount rule which is based on sessions (10% off when booking 3 or more sessions), and a multiple attendee discount rule (10% off each additional attendee). There is also a discount code (10PERCENTOFF) that gives the user 10% off the total spend.

In one booking, Sam is booked into five sessions (£50 before any discount), Helen is booked into four sessions (£40 before any discount), Tom is booked into two sessions (£20 before any discount). The discount amount calculation will follow the order shown in the table below.

  1. First the multiple session rule (10% when booking 3 or more sessions) will apply to Sam and Helen (given Tom has not met the minimum session requirement). The discount will be £5 (£50*10%) for Sam and £4 (£40*10%) for Helen, resulting in a subtotal of £45 for Sam, £36 for Helen, and £20 for Tom.
  2. Afterwards, the multiple attendee rule (10% off each additional attendee) will apply to Helen and Tom (as Sam has the highest amount of spend). The discount will be £3.6 (£36*10%) for Helen, and £2 (£20*10%) for Tom, resulting in a subtotal of £45 for Sam, £32.4 for Helen, and £18 for Tom (a total of £95.4).
  3. When the discount code 10PERCENTOFF is applied at the final step of the checkout, the discount from the discount code will be £9.54 (10%*£95.4), leaving the final amount of £85.86.

Edit bookings with discounts

After a booking is complete, any edits (such as additional add-on purchases or cancellations) will trigger a recalculation of the discount rules and discount codes applied. For example, if a booking has a 10% off discount code applied by the user, any additional add-on items added by the user will automatically have this 10% discount applied.

A cancellation may also result in a change of the discount rule conditions. For example, a multiple session discount rule may have the condition of [10% off 3 or more sessions and 20% off 5 or more sessions]. When a user books 5 sessions, a 20% discount will be applied to the booking. However, when one of the 5 sessions got cancelled, the 10% discount will be applied instead.

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