Booking Agreements

This allows you to set your own booking agreements. This can include agreements such as 'terms and conditions', 'cancellation policy'. Users will have to consent to these every time they place a booking. Therefore please only include those agreements that are mandatory.

Agreement text

This is what your users are agreeing to (e.g., I agree to the cancellation policy).

Link to policy

If you have a more detailed policy statement that you'd like to link to, you can create a <link> tag in the Agreement text box (see example in the screenshot below) and enable the Link to policy button. This effectively creates a hyperlink on the text between <link> and </link>. You can see an example in the screenshot above (the cancellation policy is clickable for users).

Policy text box allows you to create your detailed policy statement (or link to another website). When users click on the link during checkout, a pop-up window will display the detailed policy texts to users.

Include policy in site footer

This optional field will display a policy link at the bottom-right of your Pembee booking site.

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